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About Us



Our Idea
Who we are

We are Venture Builders & Business Developers focused on building business ideas and Go-To-Market Strategies. We are investing our resources in accelerating growth of our partners.


The initial idea of SalesBridge was to build "the bridge" between the idea of product, service or business and commercial sales.


Our Approach

We partner with selected corporates, start-ups and investment funds to share the rewards, risks, and thrills of the early stage.

We put quality first. We deliver across the full early-stage spectrum, from board room strategy to coal face execution. To harness our partners’ true assets, we connect the dots up to the smallest details while keeping our eyes on the bigger picture in pursuit of multi-year, multi-venture impact portfolio.


Our Principles

For any group or organization to function well, its work principles must be aligned with its members' life principles. That's why we are always working according to established code of conduct. We believe in radical transparency, truth, meaningful work, meaningful relationships, open minded culture, respect, determination, professionalism, constant learning and evolution, responsibility, tolerance and teamwork.





Growth Strategy

We are helping organizations develop and implement strategies to achieve sustainable and accelerated growth. It involves working closely with our customers to identify growth opportunities, analyze market dynamics, and create actionable plans to achieve their growth objectives.

What We Offer

Venture Building

We help entrepreneurs and corporate clients build new ventures from scratch. This service involves working with clients to develop and validate new business ideas, build the necessary infrastructure, and launch and scale new ventures.

Venture Financing

We help entrepreneurs and startups raise capital from investors. This service involves working with clients to develop and refine their pitch, identify potential investors, and negotiate favorable terms for funding.


Experience & Network 

We are using data from different sources, networks of experts and our own know-how in order to quick evaluate projects and find opportunities for your business. 

Additional Services

We are supporting our partners with other consulting services with focus on elements of their Growth Strategy:

  • Product & Service Development 

  • Strategic Partnerships & Alliances

  • Assortment & Portfolio Strategy 

Focus on OUTCOME!

We are Business Ninjas focused 100% on final outcome. We will make everything to close the deal for you and leave you with clear understanding of market dynamics and functional P&L that is market ready.

Why Us

Our Publications

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Founding Team


Michal Kuczynski

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Helps businesses to grow faster through better sales-management processes, frontline capability building, and deployment of sales strategy.


Piotr Debiec

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Brings deep expertise in strategy, corporate finance, market research & insights, building new ventures, go-to-market strategy, brand development, venture financing.

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Our Office

Warsaw, 02-797 

Klimczaka 1 

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