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Do you need professional sourcing? 

SalesBridge is the perfect place for you. supports, optimizes and implements purchasing processes by consolidating industry knowledge, current market analysis and business relations.

The times of having extensive and qualified purchasing departments are basically out of the question. In order to optimize their activities and release the resources needed to keep up in the digital transformation, more and more organizations decide to take a shortcut and delegate purchasing processes to external specialist companies.

It is also no secret that not everyone knows everything, hence our belief that in certain areas of our specialization we can provide our Partners with faster and better results of their purchasing projects.


At we have:

- professional knowledge (markets / categories, manufacturers, brands, USPs (Unique Selling Points), quality parameters, threats and opportunities, market trends)

- pro-creative culture and big scale players mindsets

- result orientation


We provide:

- fast and high quality result

- knowledge, tools and relationships of professionals when needed as an alternative to long-term investment in expensive purchasing departments

- post-purchase support (e.g. support in solving problems)


Before proceeding, we expect:

- full knowledge of the business need to be defined by the defined purchase

- commitment and partnership approach

- billing after receiving the products

- feedback and references


Exemplary implementations as part of our sourcing:

1. A complete creation of a thematic action concept for the strategic partner of one of the largest retailer in Central and Eastern Europe. It included substantive concepts of the action, briefing and marketing creation, sourcing (product-volume-supplier-trade conditions)

2. An extensive project to optimize purchasing processes for one of the largest fish processors in Central and Eastern Europe.

3. Support in cost optimization of a newly introduced product on the market from the QMS (Quick Meal Solutions) industry  - indication of better and cheaper raw materials needed to manufacture it.

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